Elexial Research defines erectile dysfunction (ED) as the persistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection that is sufficient for successful sexual intercourse until ejaculation or until cessation of erotic stimulation.

All men can experience an erection disorder throughout their lives. However, they must learn to distinguish between what is a momentary episode, what can all happen, and what may already be, a more serious problem with a varied origin.

Possible Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

As we have already discussed, erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to obtain and maintain an erection to achieve a satisfactory sexual relationship. This symptomatology must persist for six months to be used a pathology. In addition, there must be a failure every four sexual relations for the man to begin to suspect that he has a problem beyond a simple shot (momentary episode of erectile dysfunction). Specifically, the signs that lead to suspicion of erectile dysfunction are, in addition to the above-mentioned:
  • Less frequent spontaneous morning erections and less rigidity.
  • Reach climax faster, in less time or with an incomplete erection.
  • Loss of erection when changing posture.
  • Impossibility of getting an erection.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

The causes that are going to cause problems for the erection to take place are divided into organic, which happens in 90% of cases, while the remaining 10% are psychological or nervous causes.

Organic causes refer to existing problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the consumption of alcohol, drugs or non-prescription drugs. While when we talk about psychological causes we refer to the fear that the individual may feel of not pleasing his partner, anxiety, stress, tension or nervousness when it comes to sexual intercourse. Influencing negatively since they stimulate the production of adrenaline by the nervous system.

The chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction increase with age, although it is not an inevitable consequence of aging, some tips to maintain a full sex life are.

  • Eliminate tobacco: A daily pack of tobacco is enough to increase the chances of suffering erectile dysfunction by 60%.
  • Decrease alcohol consumption: Alcohol causes an erection interruption in men, regardless of the dose taken, since it inhibits the proper functioning of the central nervous system, which is directly involved in the sexual stimulus response.
  • Healthy Diet: An unbalanced diet negatively influences the ability to maintain satisfactory sexual activity. Excess weight and obesity go hand in hand with metabolic disorders that can lead to diseases directly related to erectile dysfunction such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems.
  • Exercise: Sedentary lifestyle is also a risk factor for developing erectile dysfunction. Practicing exercise regularly has numerous benefits since it reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease.